first entry.

First and foremost, welcome to my blog!

My name is Tuka Loomma and I’m a Lamar University alumnae with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. This blog was created as a platform to express my perspective views of the world through spoken words and short stories. Through my past experiences, I have gained a bountiful amount of knowledge about the different ways people live their lives. I know I’m still young so what do I know? There will always be room to grow as much as there are spaces for room to teach. The past few years have given me the answers I currently have today BUT change never ends. I plan to continue to learn more about others through this blog and my everyday experiences. As a psychologist, human behavior and interaction are something I’ve studied to a vast extent. A philosophy I’ve questioned is the internalization of how we as humans deal with certain situations in our lives. Whether it’s an interaction with others, different views from your parents, or religious/moral beliefs, we solely want others to believe we are right because we don’t want to feel wrong. This can make certain situations difficult for us to step out of our reality and take on a different point of view. I believe the access of knowledge and growth is understanding your wrongs. I want to bridge the gap being right and wrong in our daily lives, opinions, and beliefs. There is no such thing in most cases of our lives. But I can be wrong about that as well. This is a safe space for us to ask unpopular and uncomfortable questions that need answers. Hopefully, while reading some of my stories and poems, this blog will allow you to take a step back and visualize the world from a different perspective or “scene.” That is why I decided to name it “The Scenery.” My perspective may be completely different from yours, so I encourage you to feel free to share any thoughts about my blog!

Thank you for visiting! & I hope you stick around.

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